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Dress Collocation:Ring Zipper & Sweater
Nov 28, 2018

Dress collocation:Ring Zipper & Sweater

Sweater--one of the famous clothes in winter,and never calm down in the past 100 years.

Because it's very easy to collocate with dresses or pants,most of the designer use zipper on sweater to slove the collocation problems of short neck. With zipper, people can adjust the length freely in order to make it more fashion and comfortable.

That's also the strength of zipper sweater.


Ring zipper sweater--the most popular fashion in 4th quarter of 2018.


XLY Rign zipper types:

We have varity types of Ring zipper-Metal zipper/Vislon zipper/Nylon zipper/Waterproof zipper/Invisible zipper.

With different teeth:Normal teeth/Y teeth/Euro style teeth/double-point teeth/corn teeth.

also all planting color:brass/anti-brass/sliver/anti-sliver/golden/rose golden/light golden/gun meter.

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