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Resin Zipper
Sep 06, 2018

According to the material of the zipper, the zipper is divided into three categories: metal zipper, nylon zipper, and resin zipper. Metal zipper teeth are discharged through a tooth-discharging machine using copper wire or aluminum wire. The nylon zipper teeth are composed of a nylon monofilament wound by a heating die, and the resin zipper teeth are colored with a polyester plastic and passed through the dye. The injection molding machine is discharged.


1. Resin zippers can be used in a variety of applications, but generally prefer to be used in the pockets of clothing.

2. Commonly used zipper heads are painted and sometimes plated.

3. Resin zipper is a kind of acetal copolymer, which is costly in the middle of nylon zipper and metal zipper. This kind of zipper has better durability than metal zipper and nylon zipper.