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Zipper Development History
Sep 06, 2018

The zipper is also called a zipper. It is one of the top ten inventions that facilitate people's lives in modern times.

The appearance of the zipper was a century ago. At that time, in some parts of central Europe, people tried to replace the buttons and bows by means of belts, hooks and loops, so they began the experiment of developing zippers. The zipper was first used in military uniforms. In the First World War, the US military ordered a large number of zippers for the first time to make clothing for soldiers. However, the promotion of zippers in the private sector was relatively late, and it was not accepted by women until 1930 to replace the buttons of clothing.

The zipper was given its current name in 1926. According to reports, a novelist named Franco said at a luncheon in the industrial and commercial circles that promoted a zipper sample: "One pull, it will open! Once again, it will be closed!" Very concisely Explain the characteristics of the zipper. The word zipper comes like this.

The prototype of the zipper was originally derived from the boots that people wore. In the mid-nineteenth century, long boots were very popular. They were especially suitable for roads with mud or horse excrement. However, the disadvantage is that there are more than 20 iron hook buttons on the boots, which is extremely time-consuming. This shortcoming has left the inventor with a headache and cost the sponsor a lot of money and patience. In order to avoid the trouble of wearing long boots, people even endure wearing boots for a whole day without taking off. Finally, in 1851, American Elias Howe applied for a patent similar to zipper design, but it was not commercialized and even forgotten for half a century.

In 1893 (one said in 1883), an American engineer named Judson (Kuwaiti) developed a "sliding device" and obtained a patent, which was the original prototype of the zipper. The appearance of this device has had an impact on the buckle hooks used on high boots. However, this invention did not become popular very quickly. The main reason was that the quality of this early locking device was not good enough to be easily released at an inappropriate time and place, which was embarrassing.

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