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Zipper Sewing Technique
Sep 06, 2018

1, "overlapping" sewing zipper method:

5/8 inch seam position of the clothing car, together with the seam position, use the fake thread to compose the zipper mouth, then open the seam position, and put the closed zipper front face on the opposite side of the piece to make the cloth on the right side of the zipper. The edges are aligned with the edges of the seams. Secure the zipper and the seams with 1/4" stitching. Be careful not to hold the piece, then flip the zipper to the front, along the false stitch or as close as possible to the sling. On the other side, open the fabric so that the piece is facing up, from the front of the zipper to the front of the 3/8-inch wide line to the top, then remove the dummy stitch.

2, "implicit form" sewing zipper method:

The hidden form is a method that is easy and quick to install the zipper, because the fake stitch and the front line are not required, and the invisible zipper presser foot can be used to pull the line as close as possible to the zipper teeth, thereby achieving the front view. It is the invisible effect of the zipper "disappearing" in the piece.

3. The method of “seam-seam” sewing zipper:

The sewing position of the car is good, the seam is opened, and the edge of the zipper is first sewed on the seam of the piece of clothing, and then the line is drawn on the front of the clothes, and the car is in the proper position. To be flat, the edges cannot be arched, and the unilateral presser foot is from the bottom end to the top. Yifeng zipper manufacturers recommend using the zipper presser foot to make the line closer to the zipper teeth with a line spacing of 3/8 inches. Before the car line, you can use the powder to draw the 3/8 inch stitching position on the front of the piece. After the car is clear, remove the splicing line of the zipper opening, so that the zipper can be opened.